Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Avenue

Museum of contemporary art is a museum of contemporary art Chicago, that offers a collection of thousands of visual art performance in post-war world 11, and others. MCA Chicago was established in a former bread factory building, and what is obtained from the museum of contemporary art chicago, is a big award as one of the world’s largest museum of contemporary art, if you want to visit, the MCA is located at 220 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago.

You’ll find more than 2,000 objects in the collection of some of MCA Chicago artist based in chicago and otherwise, all summarized in one building, all arranged in a neat and structured, organized alphabetically by last name of artist, artwork consists of sculptures, paintings , photography, video, and many more, each object is displayed along with images and brief descriptions, it is to facilitate the visitors to understand the contents of the artwork.

and what you get from chicago museum of contemporary art including works are the works of Bruce Nauman, Marcel Duchamp, you will also see the greatest works by Alexander Calder in polychrome and Horizontal Bluebird, Jasper Johns, and Francis Bacon. And so far all the art collections of famous artists still can you see and observe, before it’s over, visit the MCA Chicago, with friends of art lovers from around the world, and be prepared to get the biggest inspiration in your life.