Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Massachusetts

This is one of the museum’s largest and most comprehensive arts in America, this museum contains more than 450.000 works of the best art and artists from several countries, it is that attracts millions of visitors each year, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in Massachusetts.

boston museum of fine arts was founded in 1870, this museum was originally located in Copley Square in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, and in 1909 moved to a location 465 Huntington Avenue until now, after undergoing repairs, now the museum building the better, with the best collection in it.

And among the best collections boston museum of fine art are works of art from European art, American art, art of the ancient world, musical instruments, contemporary art, prints drawings, textiles, fashion, and several collections of Egyptian artifacts include sculptures, jewelry and sarcophagi, you also will be treated to works of French impressionist and post impressionists such as Paul Gauguin’s and much more. besides showing famous collections,  boston museum fine art also held a number of programs devoted to learning, both for children and families, and students.