Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Illinois

This is one most famous of Illinois museums, located in Jackson Park, Chicago, United States of America, science and industry chicago museum stands majestically with more than 2,000 exhibits, which is set in 75 rooms.

Science and industry chicago museum has a mission and vision as an inspiration and motivate children in science, medicine, and engineering technology, and this is one of the best museums can be visited all ages, this is what makes science and industry museum chicago became one largest science museums in the world, so naturally if the museum is crowded every year.

And what you get in science and industry museum chicago are several permanent exhibitions, such as Coal Mine with the original equipment from Old Ben # 17, circa 1993, the appearance of U-505 Submarine, a submarine captured during World War 11, Mercury Space Capsule, Industrial Gears animation, Omnimax Theater, and photo collections that include thousands of images of U-505 submarine, the World Exhibition in Chicago, the Pioneer Zephyr train, and more. If you were in Chicago I recommend museum of science and industry chicago for your visit.