Mutter Museum, Famous Museum in Philadelphia

Visited a museum with a unique health collections, with a touch of artistic value, full of surprises education and learning, Mutter Museum contains a collection of medical rarity, of anatomical specimens to unique medical equipment, this museum is located in the central city Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mutter Museum is part of The College of Physicians in Philadelphia, which is the oldest medical organization in the United States. The museum was founded with the purpose of medical research and education, so do not be surprised if the Mutter Museum is dominated by students.

There are many collections of choice that must be seen and the note, a woman with a horn growing on his forehead, a baby in a bottle, malignant tumors, Siamese twins Chang is quite famous, colon display with 40 pounds of dirt, walls filled with human skulls, and many more.

Many of the Mutter Museum collections at present by Dr. Mutter, about 1,600 bones, and body parts in preserved, all donated for the purpose of knowledge for students in the nineteenth century. This is a unique journey if you are in Philadelphia, you must stop to see the Mutter Museum exhibits.