Natural Beauty of Cape Tribulation, Northern Queensland, Australia

Maybe you are tired with the noise and bustle atmosphere of the city, it’s time you neutralize it all, went to visit an isolated place with beautiful natural surroundings are the right choice, and Cape tribulation beach house resort, provide it all, the beach is located in northern Queensland, Australia, to be precise about 110 km north of Cairns.

Break away from the crowd, from air pollution and city life were increasingly sparkling, Cape tribulation beach is alone, isolated, and beautiful virgins. with all accommodation on offer, walking on the edge of the beach, basking in the summer came, like the other tourists, you will not feel useless, walked to an area of natural tropical forest trees are now protected world heritage, and make sure you arrive early before people others see the beauty of Far North Queensland, both the Daintree and The Great Barrier Reef.

Get it :

By Train
The nearest town to get to Cape misery is Cairns, and one train to Cairns is the Tilt Train between Brisbane and Cairns.
By Car
You can skip the Daintree National Park, between Cairns and Port Douglas, and you have to cross a river to get the Cape Tribulation.

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