Nicaragua, The New Favorite of Tourists Around the World

Nicaragua is one of the largest country in Central America which borders Honduras and Costa Rica. Initially, this country is one of the countries that are considered dangerous for tourists, but due to a change in leadership and times of peace, Nicaragua is the new favorite of tourists around the world. This place offers the typical beach holidays and the active volcano for those fans of outdoor activities like hiking, but it also offers the Nicaragua trip a great nightlife, festivals, and shopping opportunities in historic cities.

Regardless with who you visiting while on vacation in Nicaragua, with family, your group, or partner, you definitely will truly enjoy the beauty and the things that you do here. you will arrive in Nicaragua International Airport which is located in the city of Managua. Once you arrive at the airport, you will need to show passports to customs officials. A good travel trip which is a good habit to get into is to create multiple copies of your passport to remain in a purse or briefcase just in case you lose the actual document. This will give you some peace of mind when you start your vacation in Nicaragua.

Maybe this time you want to go directly to the beach, and San Juan del Sur is the right place, this place is a peaceful beach community in the Pacific Ocean where many people choose to spend their Nicaragua holidays. You ‘ll find a variety of lodging options, from all inclusive resort to old-fashioned bed and breakfast overlooking the sea scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and the surfing is some of the activities people enjoy in Nicaragua to San Juan del Sur. Some of the horses offer a resort back up touring with the beach.

When you visit Nicaragua, is incomplete if you do not observe the culture and history, and for that, you can visit Granada, where it was founded back in 1524 and is one of the oldest cities in Nicaragua. The city has been involved in many wars and battles since its establishment. In fact, some buildings still charred from previous wars. Today, the city of Granada is a peaceful place to shop for souvenirs at the markets or enjoy the cuisine of Nicaragua in an outdoor cafe. Granada is located on the shore of Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Central America. Taking a boat tour of islands in Lake Nicaragua is a relaxing way to enjoy the lake. You “will also have a great view of Granada colorful roof of the boat. Image From 1, 2, 3