Nicoya Peninsula, Popular Beaches in Costa Rica

As has been much on talking about people from all over the world, Costa Rica is a beautiful island that has some beautiful beaches, during a visit to Costa Rica, people will only be fixed on the beach, water activities, or just relax on the beach resorts. and now it’s time for the Nicoya Peninsula, this place is a peninsula, located on the northwest coast of Costa Rica, when you visit to Nicoya, you will only see the coastline, which is one of the popular beaches in Costa Rica, which can be found not far from San Jose, the first trips, you can go straight to Montezuma Beach (Playa Montezuma), this is a fairly popular beaches in Nicoya, and if you are looking for a festive beach party, this beach is the right choice. then try to Samara Beach, one of the Nicoya Peninsula coast in a fairly relaxed. maybe, there are beaches that you often hear from Costa Rica, is Tamarindo, where diving, swimming, surfing, which is the main attraction which attracts thousands of tourists every year, but enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the beach is a choice of many people. There are many more, you can visit beaches in Nicoya Peninsula, such as Playa Tambor, Mal Pais, and much more.

Nicoya Beach of Tamarindo
Nicoya Peninsula, Beaches in Costa Rica
Samara Beach in Nicoya Costa Rica