Norris Lake, Lake Holiday, Recreation Area in Tennessee

Norris Lake is a manmade lake created by the construction of Norris Dam in Tennessee, this freshwater lake was developed as a place of recreation and some water sports. You will find many marina that offers boat, jet ski, pontoon, and rental fishing boats around the lake area. Today the lake has become Tennessee spectacular attraction for those seeking a peaceful holiday and enthusiasts of outdoor activities, such as swimming, ski, wakeboarding, fishing, camping, and many other activities can do at the lake holiday at Norris Lake. We recommend that you take the boat and began to explore every corner of the lake, or walking in the mountains.

Norris Lake is a combination of the river, grabbed and Powell River. Stretches 72 miles and 56 miles mooring River Powell River. In the broadest Norris Lake is 1.2 miles wide.  sitting in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains provides beautiful views of the mountains of fresh, warm clear water. Warm water is home to many species of fish. large mouth, small mouth bass, walleye, rock fish and other species are known to reach 50 pounds weight. Rumours around the lake is that, there are catfish the size of VW bugs lurking in the waters around the dam. Norris Lake is the largest reservoir on the Tennessee River system.

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