Nuweiba, Popular Seaside Resort in Egypt

The Nuweiba is a seaside resort in Egypt. Nuweiba is situated on the southern coast of the Sinai Peninsula about 70 km south of the resort of Taba and 180 km north of the resort at Sharm el-Sheikh. The Nuweiba is one of the family vacation destination, and there are opportunities for diving and snorkeling. The Nuweiba is a popular resort for peaceful holiday. There are luxury hotels and Bedouin villages where you can rent cheap bungalows. The town of Nuweiba is famous for its beautiful nature and the sea with coral reefs and sandy beaches. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants in the Bedouin style along the beach. As in most Egyptian resort of many activities available in Nuweiba. Travel Sv. Kateriny monastery on the base of Mount Sinai or travel in the desert by camels and horses are very popular. The northern part of the town of Nuweiba is famous for its oriental atmosphere. There is a forest of palm trees and ruins of a Turkish fort with a source of drinking water that has been used for centuries.

Fort at Nuweiba
Luxury Hotel at Nuweiba Egypt
Nuweiba in Egypt