Olympic National Park, The Best of Washington National Parks

Consists of three regions, the Pacific coast, subtropical rain forest, and Olympic mountains. Olympic National Park grandeur contains a variety of flora and fauna, and certainly pretty and beautiful scenery, Olympic is located in Washington state, USA.

Olympic National Park has about 370,000 hectares, which allows you to explore the park area, which consists of beautiful coastal areas, tropical rain forest with the beauty in it, as well as majestic mountains, not enough time if you just take one day, too much is passed , too many that have not been observed, the flowers in a meadow, a river with its activities, the Olympic mountains, and many more, ensure yourself a few days, and discover an unforgettable surprises of the Olympic park.

Olympic National Park offers many outdoor activities, a wild adventure safe enough, coupled with the beauty on offer, every season in the Olympic park is valuable, hiking, skiing, rafting, watching the life of flora and fauna, enjoying views of pasture, valleys, and snowy mountains, all can be done, no matter who, and where do you came from. This is what makes the Olympic park to be one of the best of Washington’s national parks.