One of the World’s Best Vacation, Bondi Beach – New South Wales, Australia

Now is the time you visited Bondi beach, hanging out with many people in the summer, to simply relaxing on the beach, threw himself in the sun, or doing any other activity of water. Bondi is located in a suburb of Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, Australia.

Time for you to spend weekend and holiday as well, with beautiful 1km long beach, Bondi really attracts many tourists from various countries, clear water, pollution free air, and surfing the ideal place, as well as swimming and diving, kite festival has also seen if you come in september, this is a very popular Bondi, although visitors get a bit of a problem for parking.

It’s not enough if only one day at Bondi, you should satisfy yourself some day and settle in a few choice Bondi Beach hotels, enjoying the cuisine of chef looking for a hotel or Bondi restaurants, and walk to visit other attractions of Bondi.

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If you from the airport, you can find a taxi or bus 400 to Bondi Junction and then to Bondi beach.

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