Ouray, Populous City in Colorado with Fun Outdoor Activities on Summer or Winter

Ouray is one of the most populous city in Colorado, located in Ouray County, this city offers a great destination for those of you who want to spend the holidays, for both summer and winter, during the summer, the tourists more concentrated to visiting the unique valley, well by walking, and biking, in winter, is the time used to do ice activities in ice park, which allow you to enjoy the beauty of the formation of ice and snow that shine. Ouray Colorado is the perfect place for rest and relaxation in the open air, relax in the Hot Springs Pool, and a restaurant that provides a unique cuisine, and several shops and galleries are adjacent to some lodging. So, what do you get to visit Ouray, is the beautiful panoramic views from the natural open, ranging from mountains, waterfalls, plants and wild flowers.

Hot Springs Pool in Ouray Colorado
Ice Climbing at Ouray on Winter
Ouray Ice Park in Colorado
Unique Valley at Ouray in Colorado