Papua New Guinea, Country in Oceania

Papua New Guinea is a country in Oceania Independent, the country bordering the Indonesian province of Papua and West Papua, off the coast of Australia. This place is a popular destination for tourists world-class, good for scuba diving and other adventure activities, this place offers a variety of cultures from more than 700 different ethnic tribes. Where sandy beaches, small fishing village became the main attraction of this beautiful place, so you can taste local seafood that maybe not yet you find elsewhere. If you want a holiday in Papua New Guinea, should you come during the months of May until December, where the air is warm and the weather is ideal for sunbathing, although accommodation prices increased slightly, but if you prefer to avoid the rain, it is better to deal with the influx of additional tourists.

It looks like access to Papua New Guinea is not a great excuse when you want to holiday in this country, there are two airports on the islands adjacent to the main town for Port Moresby for Jacksons International Airport and Mt Hagen Provincial Airport which newly developed. Travel by air became the best option for exploring the islands around, and you can use the services of Air New Guinea and Airlines PNG both provide constant flights. In addition, you can also use the bus or a taxi despite rough field will make you a little trouble reaching the islands, if you want to travel the water, you can also use a boat or ferry for your wonderful trip.

You can visit the lush oasis with a variety of flora and fauna located in the Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, Simbu, Enga and Western Highlands provinces. Here is a heaven for you, if you are one of the hiking enthusiast, considering the scenery is some of the best things about the holidays in Papua New Guinea, and if you want a beach vacation, you can go to the West coast, West Sepik, East Sepik, Madang, Morobe, Northern, East New Britain Province and West New Britain, this is many traveler spend their holidays while visiting Papua New Guinea, either surfing, diving, fishing, in addition to tasting the local cuisine and bought by the traditional form and souvenirs.

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