Paradise Island in Western Atlantic – Nassau Bahamas

Paradise island is one of the most beautiful beaches around the western Atlanti, not far from the beach town of Nassau Bahamas. If your vacation destination to Nassau Bahamas, Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas  is the right choice and perfect, with a sheet of pure sand beach and blue water ocean enjoy sunbathing, enjoying the variety of unique food from restaurants around, also see dolphins dolphins from Dolphin Encounters facility located at Blue Lagoon Island.

Or maybe you want to follow events one of the largest festivals in the calendar Bahamas, went to walk the city streets Nassau with crepe paper costumes which made the beginning of each, and disposed of at the end of the event, also played a distinctive Junkanoo music and came home with free sufenir rest of the festival participants.

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By Plane
We have the airport in the capital, Nassau, located in New Providen.

Paradise Island in Caribbean Sea, Nassau Bahamas