Perth Zoo – Zoo in Australia

Being one of the main attractions in Western Australia, located at 20 Labouchere Road, South Perth. Perth Zoo is a modern zoo that offers a lot of animal habitat comes from almost all over the world and beautiful plant exhibits only serve to complement the exhibition of animals, and it should be mentioned that the zoo in Perth is a home to a variety of fun events throughout the year. If you make a visit to the zoo during the holidays Australia, you will get a chance to get a good look at many of the country’s most iconic animals such as Tasmanian devils and numbat, this is a marsupial that like to eat insects and prefer to be active during daylight hours. In addition, you can also observe some other animal that you’ve probably never seen before, such as emus, penguins, lions and meerkats. A visit to Perth Zoo include the guided, the discussion of animals and others. And summer is peak season for the show at the zoo. Zoo in Australia was opened at 9 am to 5 pm. And entry fee allows visitors to enjoy the fun things, such as walking tours guided and a special animal show. Some tourist activities and additional costs.

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