Petersen Automotive Museum, Famous Museums in Los Angeles

After you are satisfied to observe and learn all of the contents of a collection of the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, probably it’s time you stopped to watch a collection of the Petersen Automotive Museum, a museum that contains more than 150 vehicles, both cars and motorcycles, both for you fans of motorcycle enthusiasts. Automotive museum is located on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA.

History of the establishment Petersen Automotive Museum was established on June 11, 1994 by Robert E. Petersen, featuring some classic models and futuristic vehicles, all displayed nicely, and structured, you can identify the manufacturing automobile impact, in the modern world.

This is the best offerings of the largest automotive museum in America, this is who makes the Petersen Automotive Museum is the most visited museum in California, you will find learning about the workings of cars, featuring a virtual history of the automobile in Los Angeles, and many more. If you are a fan of automotive, make sure to visit the car museum los angeles.