Petra is a Rugged Mountain Range Which is a Treasure of Ancient World, Yordania

Petra is a rugged mountain range which is a treasure of ancient world was full of carved stone with a mysterious charm,  first found in 1812. and you must be wondering what the city with stone carvings that are designed and in shape. Petra is located in Yordania approximately 262 km south of Amman, precisely in Ma’an Governorate, Jordan United Arab region. Built around 1200 BC and 7000 BC finished, and designated as a World Heritage Site On December 6, 1985.

Journey to Petra through 1 km the cold and dark because the sun is covered by a long narrow canyon. after a long trip you will find a monument petra with carved facades are shining in the sun.

There are about 800 individual monument you’ll find, such as : burial chamber, temples, buildings, tombs, baths, and arched entrance.

Inside Petra Jordan
Petra Jordan Night, Amman Jordan
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