Phoenix Art Museum, Famous Art Museum in Arizona, USA

Now is the time you visit to Phoenix Art Museum, a famous museum in the Southwest, which is displayed with the perfect visual arts, visit with family or friends art lovers fellow, come by one goal, to see the best artwork, and get great inspiration. Phoenix Art Museum is located at 1625 North Central Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona, United States.

Phoenix Art Museum has several well-known appearance of the exhibition, with more than 17,000 works of American, Asian, European, American West, Latin America, fashion design, modern and contemporary art, all presented with a neat, and structured. They also present a Live performances throughout the year, where independent films and educational programs presented with interactive and interesting.

All can be enjoyed, all can be observed, both permanent performances, such as photography exhibits, as well as a live festival, Phoenix Art Museum also offers a variety of opportunities for visitors to learn, and learning methods are adjusted by age with different learning styles, both formal and nonformal. they provide PhxArtKids Gallery, which is addressed to children aged 5-12 years and families. And other programs refer to the education of students and other visitors, like a Art of Philip C. Curtis and Thorne Miniature Rooms. All handled by experts, who explained according to the Arizona Academic standards for visual art. Still a lot you should do at the Phoenix Art Museum, read a lot on Lemon Art Research Library, go shopping to museum stores, taste the cuisine and beverages at the Arcadia Farms restaurant, and others.