Planning a Great P&O Cruise

Perhaps the first point of issue you should get clear in your mind if you’re planning a P&O cruise for the not too distant future concerns whether you want to spend your time on a family-friendly or an adult-only vessel. There are pros and cons on either side of course but generally you decision will rest on whether you’ll have children with you and if you do then how old they are. P&O’s family-friendly ships offer classic cruise experiences packed with fun and activity for anyone with youngsters but there’s plenty of room as well for couples, individuals or groups of friends. The adults-only alternatives offer perhaps a more tranquil and arguably more refined atmosphere but that isn’t to say that there’s less going on or less fun to be had. It is all a matter of balancing preference with the practicalities and either way you can be sure of seeing some wonderful new places in real style and there’s every chance you’ll meet and spend time with like-minded and thoroughly friendly people.

P&O’s range of cruise offerings have been delivering almost the archetypal seafaring getaways in a very British vein for a few decades or more but the company’s ships are generally as up to date and as modern as any rivals out there on the waves. Each ship has a distinct feel but standards of service, accommodation, entertainment and facilities are kept extremely high with no stone going unturned as staff look to help guests have the holiday of a lifetime they’ve been looking around and hoping for.

If you’re keen to get in on the action then next year might just be the perfect time to take a trip with P&O. There are dozens of 2013 cruise deals being made available at eye-catchingly reasonable prices right now and more are set to arrive as the autumn goes on.