Pompeii, Buried Roman City by the Eruption of the Volcano Mt. Vesuvius

Pompeii is a buried Roman city and was lost for over 1,500 years caused by the eruption of the volcano Mt. Vesuvius, which is part of volcano pompeii. This place has a main attraction at the ruined ancient Roman city, if you want to visit it, this place is located near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, that was one of the popular family trips destination and main Italy tourism, in addition, Pompeii is also one World Heritage Site by UNESCO. in Pompeii, everything  sites of ancient city maintained and preserved in detail, from jars, tables, paintings,  bronze sculptures, gold coins, and people was frozen, which is the best of outdoor museum Pompeii exhibit, and all will be explained one by one by the guide if you do a Pompeii tours travel which available in English and in Spanish.

People Frozen in Pompeii
People Frozen Pompeii Volcano
Pompeii, Buried Roman City Italy