Quebec, Famous Tourist Attractions City in Canada

Quebec is the capital of the Canada province of Quebec. It is located at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in the Atlantic Ocean. The history of the city dates back to 16th century. At that time the capital territory of New France. Therefore, the city has a rich history and numerous monuments suitable to be viewed and explored with the family. Main attractions include the entire Old Quebec City, which offers many attractions and since 1985 has been declared World Heritage List  by UNESCO. Old Quebec is divided into Upper Town “Haute Ville” and the Lower Town “Basse Ville”. The two parts are connected by necks broken stairs. this city has famous tourist attraction, one of is the Chateau Frontenac. It is a feature of the city. Although the name of the castle, Old Quebec then offers many cafes and shops. in the surround area winter ski, Stoneham Ski Resort and the Ice Hotel.

Market in Old Quebec City
Quebec Canada at Night
Quebec during Winter
Chateau Frontenac in Quebec Canada