Queens Museum of Art, Meadows Corona Park, New York City, United States

This is an art museum and education center that provides the highest quality visual arts and educational programs aimed at communities, Queens Museum of Art, located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens borough of New York City, United States.

Queens Museum of Art are all learning related to art and culture, allowing visitors to directly interact and improve the interpretation of art, collecting, exhibiting, and learn more about the beauty of artistic value, regardless of age, and from where you came from, this is good for families, children, and you art lovers.

Queens Museum of Art has several permanent exhibits well-known, which consists of about 10,000 items, including works by Mark Dion, Salvador Dali, Andrew Moore photographs of Robert Moses and the Modern City, and the image of a court reporter and political cartoonist, William Sharp, And much more.