Raja Ampat, West Papua. Indonesia

In west  Papua Indonesia. There is a water tourism are a paradise for lovers of the world’s divers, this place is known as the king of four. Managed by a German citizen – Dutchman named Max Ammer. R aja Ampat is a fraction of Sorong regency with a population of 27 000 lives since 2003. It has 610 of the island (only 35 are inhabited island) with an area of about 46,000 km2,but only 6000 km2 of land, 40 000 km2. the sea again,There are three villages of this area is one of de’er, this village was inhabited by tribes beteo, Residents here are mostly fishermen and farmers of copra. These waters are also still uninhabited, islands that could attract foreign tourists.

Raja Ampat Indonesia Diving
Raja Ampat Reef Waigeo, Dive Spots Indonesian
spiky soft coral and diver