Risoul, Ski Resort at French Alps, France


Risoul is a municipality and a ski resort. It is located in southern France in the French Alps. Risoul ski resort was established here in 1970. The first lift began operation in 1974. Thank you to its north-eastern slope there is good snow cover throughout the season. In Risoul are 180 km of trails including 10 km in black, 37 red-km, 40 km and 17 km blue green. The total number of tracks Risoul is 104. Due to the predominance of red and blue runs, this place is suitable for all categories of skiers, from beginners youngest and complete. For experienced skiers there is a possibility to ski in the open field. A Risoul is one of the largest areas for surfers. The parks offer the greatest enlightened U – ramp in France and a show of snowboarding at night with music. For adrenaline Risoul offers a speed of downhill skiing. Here you can try to beat the world record for a fast mile. Then there is a black ski slope at 43 ° the first 200 m. The ski area is one of the toughest in Europe. In addition, you can try paragliding, helicopter flights, dog sledding, ice skating natural, cinemas, and nightclubs in Risoul.

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