Rosario Beach is a Beach Park in Washington

Rosario beach is a beach park in Washington, this is a good beach with all facilities provided, the main tourist destination on the coast of the rosary is scuba diving, this is inappropriate, because the coast is rich in marine life, ranging from coral reefs, freshwater turtles, and colorful fish.

Rosario beach is the right vacation destination, occupying a Fidalgo Island, which connects to the Whidbey Island Deception Pass bridge, in addition to observing marine life, you are also encouraged to explore the Deception Pass State Park beach area around the Rosary, so, the properties of the Rosary is a journey beach, on a fairly remote area, and home to Walla Walla College Marine Station, where all the scuba facilities, libraries, boats, offices, and others joined in a single container.

Rosario beach visitors are now largely dominated by students, who travel to find a variety of ecosystems, including tropical rain forests, marine life, and others. make sure you visit the coast of the Rosary, and get a lot of things there.