San Diego Museum of Man, Balboa Park Sandiego, California

See and observe the collection of history and culture, and stage of development of human progress through a variety of cultural change, pre-Columbian history in America, Mayans, ancient Egyptians, and many more, if you want to visit, San Diego Museum of Man is located in Balboa Park, San Diego, California.

What is offered in the exhibition San Diego Museum of Man is a show of anthropology collection, which includes the Andean civilizations, ancient egypt, and much more, this exhibition includes more than 72,000 artifacts, 37,000 historic photographs which are dominated by Native Americans. unique exhibition of stunning and structured, both for the learning of children and families, this is what makes museum of man san diego become one of the most famous museums san diego, and most visited.

And what you get from the San Diego Museum of Man is a collection of antiquities from ancient Egypt, as well as artifacts from the ancient city of Amarna, and others, including stone carvings, pottery, jewelry, and hieroglyphics. You also will find more than 100 replicas of ancient humans, primates, and futuristic cyborgs. All summed up nicely in the offering museum of man san diego.