San Juan and Old San Juan, Vacation Trips in Puerto Rico

"San Juan Puerto Rico"

San Juan is a unique city located in Puerto Rico, the city was founded by Spanish colonizers in 1521 with the construction of buildings including the castle town of defense who is now a famous historic buildings in Puerto Rico, in addition to being the most important port city in the country, San Juan Puerto Rico also become one of the popular tourist destination, both with families, honeymoon couples, and group. This place offers interesting attractions of each different environment,

You can make shopping trips to Old San Juan, or just watch the historic building to get to know more about the history and culture of San Juan Puerto Rico, where it is located in the western part of a small island called the Isleta de San Juan, which is connected to the mainland by two bridges and a causeway.

This site offers fun activities and a relaxed lifestyle in a some san juan beach choice. if you are looking for some beautiful beaches in San juan, you should make a trip to the Condado and Isla Verde. This place has a variety of facilities to meet the needs of your family vacation, no matter where you stay, in hotel San juan or at beach resorts scattered at some point the beach, make sure you get the full experience for your family vacation be a precious moment in your life.

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