San Luis Obispo, Vacation California

Located in the mountains of Santa Lucia in the middle between San Francisco and Los Angeles, you will find many things as a family vacation in San Luis Obispo, California. You can find tide pool complete with sand dunes, clear water is also suitable for swimming, you will also get the opportunity to see sea lions and seals, this is an annual breeding ground for hundreds of elephant seals, which occurred around March through December. and more than just swimming and observe endangered animals, but you will also get a great opportunity to do other activities in San Luis Obispo beach area, such as surfing, diving, sea kayaking, sailing, and kite-boarding. after you are satisfied with beach activities, you can continue the journey in the city to visit Children’s Museum, city parks, botanical gardens, and much more you can do in this beautiful city of San Luis Obispo.

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San Luis Obispo in California