Santa Fe, Travel Informations in Argentina

Santa Fe is the main town in Argentina, was founded in 1573. It is located in the north near the confluence of the rivers Parana and Salado. About 20 km south of the city of Santa Fe is the city of Parana. The two cities are connected by Hernandarias Subfluvial tunnel passes under the river Parana. These place is connected to the port city Colastine by a canal on the river Parana. This place has some interesting attractions that are suitable for family holidays, such as suspension bridge, public buildings, museums and preserved buildings from the era of colonization. You can enjoy fishing and walks along the River. There are many hotels and other accommodation, which facilitates international and local tourists, no matter where you stay, hotels, motels, or condos for rent, make sure, make your vacation in Santa Fe Agentina becomes an unforgettable vacation.

Santa Fe in Argentina
Suspension Bridge in Santa Fe Argentina