Santa Susanna, Most Modern Resorts on the Catalonia Coast in the Comarca, Barcelona, Spain

Santa Susanna is one of the most modern resorts on the Catalonia coast in the comarca, Barcelona, Spain. It consists mainly of modern buildings of the hotel. Santa Susanna Resort offers its visitors a full day and night life near coastal areas. these place has a beautiful sandy beaches, which have coarse sand and a gradual entry into the sea They are therefore suitable even for children. Drove along the beach promenade is lined with row of palm trees. This leads to the famous resort of Malgrat de Mar. centrani the promenade, many shops, bars and restaurants. Of course, there is a wide range of activities. Santa Susanna is a green city. with some fun activities.

Santa Susanna hosts during many celebrations and festivals, held in August. During this here you can see various music and dance performances. On the occasion of the Patron, do not miss dancing Sardana. This is a famous local folk dance. Santa Susanna offers many activities. You might have to try all sorts of water sports. House area is protected area, which is ideal for walkers and cyclists. There you can ride a horse. You can go near the Marineland park Dolphinarium or global water.

Santa Susanna Beach in Barcelona
Santa Susanna in Barcelona