Saskatoon, city in Saskatchewan, Canada, with Various Cultural Festivals, Concerts and Sporting Events

Saskatoon is a city in Saskatchewan, Canada, located on the South Saskatchewan River. This city is home to various cultural festivals, concerts and sporting events throughout the year, which the main attraction of this proud city. you can explore every road from Beaver Creek and Cranberry Flats, then observe every detail collections of several museums of art and culture are suitable for families, which is adjacent to shops and restaurants in Midtown Plaza. in addition, Saskatoon Canada also offers the Broadway Theatre is located about 0.8 miles from city center, or visiting a farm park and zoo around 3.3 miles from the city center, or try to play gofl at the Ramada Golf Dome in complex sport.

Collection at Saskatoon Museum
Saskatoon Canada
Saskatoon City Center
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