Sayulita Beach – Nayarit, Pacific Coast of Mexico

Spend a weekend or vacation day with your family, either couples or groups, it is good for you, visit the beautiful place, clean, lively but peaceful, Sayulita beach is a stretch of beach located in the city of Nayarit, is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Sayulita Beach is the most beautiful beaches of the beautiful coastal beaches of the world, although rarely visited before pascah holidays or other big holidays coming, boating, surfing, bird watching, diving, was one of the popular Sayulita, in addition to your adult, this place is also good for children, walked to the area of the woods, frolic in the playground, bicycle hire, horse riding, surfing, etc. And sayulita complement you all.

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Once you are in the Puerto Vallarta airport, you can use a bus or taxi to get Sayulita, located 21 miles north of town.

Best Beach Mexico, Sayulita Beach
Pacific Coast of Mexico, Sayulita Beach