Sedona Arizona Summer Vacation

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the sun, either on the beach or other open space that offers spectacular landscapes. And if your goal in America, Sedona Arizona is the right choice, This place is situated in the valley of the red sandstone at the base of Mogollon Rim about 100 miles north of Phoenix, this area became one of a fairly popular resting place for visitors explorer Verde River, Coconino National Forest and Oak Creek Canyon. There is something that has always attracted thousands of visitors each year, such as a unique geological structure, which consists of limestone, sandstone and mudstone. Sedona vacation consists of many activities, including yoga, in addition you can also get many opportunities to communicate with nature. At Red Rock State Park you can make fun activities with walking, cycling and fishing.

This place also offers a more activities at some Sedona resorts. And if you are looking for a romantic vacation, there is L’Auberge de Sedona that offers the best choice to stay. There is also the Sedona Springs Resort, which offers own fireplace, patio fireplace and private whirlpool. There is also one of the most beautiful attractions of Sedona, the Boynton Canyon, this place is the cliff dwellings of hundreds of years ago can still be seen on the canyon walls.