Senggigi, One of Popular Destination in Lombok Indonesia

Senggigi is one of popular destination, this place located on the island of Lombok situated not far from Bali, Indonesia. The city has a fantastic view from the northwest coast of Lombok, there are many reasons a lot of tourists visiting this beautiful island, besides having a sandy beach, this place also offers accommodations that are available for all budgets, you can find a variety of hotels, villas, resorts, restaurants, stores, even places where you will spend a festive evening with an upbeat techno music. There are many activities you can do to complete your holiday, sightseeing, or doing a tour conducted by local tour operators. You can visit the village to meilhat local crafts, in addition to beach and village culture full of stunning views of the tranquil villages, Senggigi is also famous for its waterfalls, rice fields in the countryside. If you are a fan of diving and snorkeling, Senggigi beach is a paradise for divers from around the world, so, if you were in Bali, or being planned, it would not hurt if you continue your vacation to the island of Senggigi.

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