Serengeti National Park, One of the Most Popular From Safari East Africa

This is one of the most popular from safari east africa all year, famous for the number of predators and prey animals found in an area of 14.763 km2, covering the plains grasslands, rivers, forests, and savanna. Serengeti National Park was established in 1951, which is the oldest national park in Tanzania, and became one of the most popular tourism industry in the Africa. serengeti safari park offers activities that include five basic parts of a stunning garden, each with the environment and wildlife are different, you can clearly see patches of lions, and thousands of wildebeest and zebra, this is a natural performance that you will not see elsewhere. besides offering safari tour, you will also get some other accommodation options in the national parks, where camping, Camps and Lodges and many more.

Serengeti National Park Animals
Serengeti National Park, Most Popular Tourism Industry in the Africa
Zebra at  Serengeti National Park