Shasta Lake, One of Famous Manmade Lakes in California

Shasta Lake or often referred to as called Lake Shasta, is a manmade lakes formed by the result of the construction of Shasta Dam on the Sacramento River in Shasta-Trinity National Forest Shasta County, California. In addition to being the source reservoir, the lake is also one of a fairly popular place for local tourists to conduct outdoor activities, although in general they only a camping, and picnic in some areas covering over 25,000 hectares. With a water depth of 1067 feet tall, no doubt a variety of freshwater fish contained in Shasta Lake, so if you are a fan of fishing, there is nothing wrong if you rent a boat, or just fishing on the riverbank. You can do other outdoor activities are more challenging, you can try water skiing, hiking, hunting, or boating to see the beauty of the lakes region. and here are some other alternatives place when you travel to Shasta Lake. You can do the Shasta Dam Tours, which allow you to explore this magnificent edifice, you can also do activities to Shasta State Historic Park, Turtle Bay Museum, Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, Building Water Park, Lake Shasta Caverns. and much more.

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