Sipadan, Best Dive Spots in Asia

If you’re looking for the best dive spots in Asia, I recommend to you to visit Sipadan, this is one of the islands located in Malaysia, to be precise, the island of Sipadan is located in the sea off Sulawesi, south east coast of Sabah, in the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin. This island is famous for its marine habitat consisting of thousands of fish and corals, this is what makes Sipadan as one of the best dive destination in the world. because it is often visited by diving lovers , the island is developed stage by stage, ranging from beach resorts, dive guides company, equipment rentals, souvenir shops, and other important accommodations such as hotels, villas, and other facilities. If you want to dive  travel into asia, Sipadan is the right choice, and scuba diving Sipadan is all year round, with the best time between April and December.