Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC

Being one of the most popular places in Washington DC, Smithsonian Museum is a research complex consisting of nineteen museums and galleries, the National Zoo, as well as research centers that offer a variety of objects. A variety of exhibits ranging from the spacecraft, meteorites, insects and locomotives presented interesting and interactive for visitors. Museum makes it easy for the visitors, one of them is free to visiting all the Smithsonian museums. Artwork and a variety of specimens can be enjoyed if you participate in the tour. No matter the age and with who you are come, this museum is really interesting to visit which not able to see everything in one visit, so you should look at the official guide for help you plan a visit to the Smithsonian Institution complex like This is a list of places owned by the museum complex that you can go, such as the Anacostia Community Museum, National Air and Space Museum, National Zoological Park, Smithsonian Gardens and many more.

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