Somerset House, Large Building and Famous for Art Institutions in England

Somerset House is a large building and famous for art institutions in England. This place located in the United Kingdom at Westminster in London, the banks of the River Thames on the south side of Strand Street. This place is a destination many tourists when visiting the UK, see the beauty of the building or conduct activities in the front yard.

Somerset House since its inception used for educational institutions. He once was the seat of government offices. Since the 20th century building is the great centers of art institutions. In the late 90s of 20 century is governed by a central courtyard and terraces overlooking the River. Terraces were also made available to the public. Currently based in Somerset House, for example, Courtauld Institute of Art, King’s College London, a collection of Gilbert Collection of decorative arts and art from other institutions. In winter the central courtyard used as a skating rink.

Skating Rink on Winter in Somerset House
Somerset House and bridge
Somerset House in London England