Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas

Now is the time Spencer Museum of Art, a museum in Lawrence, Kansas. featuring a wide selection of arts and culture collections, this supports the students and the community to explore the arts, ideas, cultural history, and experience. This museum is very supportive of academic research from the University of Kansas, who are committed to serving the community in kansas.

Spencer Museum of Art is a Kress Foundation Department of Art History, and Art & Architecture Library Murphy, and now is one of the most famous museums in the Kansas Union, and what you find are more than 36,000 best art works .

Spencer Museum of Art featuring the best collections are displayed in four galleries, covers the history of European art, the art of East Asia, North America, and others. All summed up in one building the museum, all displayed in a neat and structured, so that visitors easier to find teaching and study of art history, covering Ethnographic Collection, Digital Library Collection, fine arts, humanities, photographs, drawings, paintings, sculptures, andothers, make sure you visit the Spencer Museum of Art, and see the best artwork from world renowned artists.