Stanley Park Vancouver, Natural and Artificial Attractions in Canada

Stanley Park is the largest urban park in canada, america,  these park located in the province of British Columbia in Vancouver. Stanley Park covers an area of 404.9 hectares covered with forests.  These Park offers half a million trees, some of which reach a height of 76. Stanley Park offers 200 km of roads and sidewalks which often used by pedestrians, cyclists and skaters.

Stanley Park has many natural and artificial attractions that draw visitors to the park.  become one of family vacation destination who want to enjoy the cool beauty of nature. In addition offers attraction in forest area, Stanley Park is home to several other bodies of water in Vancouver. which is home to salmon and  many species of birds, swans, Canada geese, ducks, beaver and great blue herons at Lost Lagoon which becomes interesting sights for any visitor.

Recreational facilities are abundant in the park, after long coexisted, The most used and preferred installation of park users is the seawall around the perimeter of the park. The dam is a popular destination for walking, running, cycling, inline skating. There are two paths, one for skaters and cyclists and other pedestrians. in addition, Stanley Park also offers several other attractions such as The miniature railroad, Vancouver aquarium, and zoo.