Summer Palace, Famous Palace in Beijing

Located in the northwest of central Beijing, the Summer Palace became one of the most frequently visited the palace in Beijing, China, you will find a variety of palaces, gardens, and the structure of classical style typical of Chinese architecture at the Summer palace complex. This palace has a graceful scenery from the structure of the building and garden area, which is dominated by the ancient Chinese art, “a typical Chinese garden” is now also become one of the park’s most famous and most frequently visited in China. proved by the number of foreign tourists who visit each year, during a tour in Beijing. Summer Palace is also listed as one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in December 1998. and what can you observe from a visit to this palace, is a hilly landscape with astonishing buildings, including pavilions, halls, palaces, temples, and gardens that also serve as recreation areas.

pavilions at Summer Palace
Summer Palace in Beijing
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