Swansea, Coastal City in Wales with Interesting Attractions in the City

Swansea is a coastal city in Wales. Swansea is in the historic boundaries of Glamorgan. This place has some interesting attractions, such as the medieval Swansea castle which is located in the city center, this castle has a unique contemporary architecture, which is dominated by feature gardens and botanical gardens that can be enjoyed by all people, in addition, visited Swansea is one of the holiday cheap family vacation options, visit the Egyptian Center located at the Swansea University, this place has several collections of ancient archeological associated with an old civilization. Doing a travel to Swansea, is not complete if you have not visited one of the largest indoor market in Wales, you will find some stalls selling various local foods, local crafts that can be used as souvenirs or gifts for your friends or family members

Swansea Coastal  Area
Swansea Coastal City in Wales
Swansea Indoor Market in Wales
Swansea University in Wales