Sydney Opera House, One of the Major Attractions in Sydney Australia

Sydney Opera House is a center of art in the city of Sydney Australia. Which was inaugurated in 1973. Opera House in Sydney was built with unique creativity and innovation are good, which is one of the architectural works of the 20th century’s most fascinating the art of architecture and structural design. with roof forms shells in each room with different functions. which can be accessed by the public. With the establishment of the Sydney Opera House, making the area around the well developed, because in addition to being the best art centers in the world, this place is also one of the major attractions in Sydney Australia, like the Pyramids in Egypt, Opera House Sydney also  become a great icon of Sydney. who also recorded a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007.

Concert on Opera House in Sydney
Opera House Sydney Inside Interior
Sydney Opera House Construction
Sydney Opera House in Sydney
World Heritage of Sydney Opera House