Tallahassee, One of Famous City in Florida with Severals Attraction From Museums, Historic Building and State Parks

Tallahassee is one of famous city in Florida. The city is also one of a fairly popular destination for those looking for the atmosphere of Old Florida, with the feel of the smaller coastal communities in the state. This city is rich in historic monuments, recreation areas which would be rich of culture. Tallahassee is a rich source of historical information Florida, with historical collections of several museums, so it is suitable if the travel is done with your family.. one of them is the Museum of Florida History, which is one museum in Tallahassee the most frequently visited, has several historical collections covering the period ranging from prehistoric times until the 20th century.

Not stopping there, Tallahassee still offers amazing journey of things you can do here, you can visit the Tallahassee Museum of History and Natural Science, where you can explore an area of ??52 hectares consisting of beaches, cypress swamp, which consists of historic buildings, farmhouse, and the church. This is one of the best outdoor museum in Florida, in addition to the Antique Car Museum. Tallahassee also has State Park an area of ??2900 hectares, which is often called the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park, in addition to being one of the state parks in Florida that has the largest springs in the area, this park is also a recreation area, engage in snorkeling, biking, picnic, and hiking. If you are looking for another atmosphere of Florida that is still going strong cultural and sejrah, we recommend you visit the Tallahassee city.