Tarbela Dam, Hydroelectricity Dams in Pakistan

About 51 kilometers northwest of Islamabad, there is a flood control dam is also used as hydroelectricity power, Tarbela Dam, located in District Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, on the Indus river, Pakistan.

Tarbela Dam was built around 1968 with the length of 2,743.2 meters, with a height of 143.26 meters from the river level, and can hold 13.69 cubic kilometers of water, which can generate a maximum capacity of 4200 MW of electricity, it is supported by the 10 turbines is equivalent to the power four x 432 MW. Other than as a power generation and irrigation, Tarbela dam is now used as tourist attractions for many tourists both local and from outside the area.