Tech Museum San Jose, One of the Museum Education in California, USA

Tech museum san jose  is one of the museums in california  that was built with the aim of informing experience of science and technology through educational programs. This museum is located in the city of Silicon Valley, in downtown San Jose, California, USA. Establishment of the museum’s main focus is to introduce the impact of technology on our lives, today san jose tech museum also has become a center of research, besides being a place of education and culture. This museum consists of three floors with each function, you will find unique gift shops and cafés, IMAX Theatre, and recreation space on the ground floor, and for the permanent exhibition you can get it on the second floor, and the next. If you want to know more about science and technology, we recommend that you arrange a visit to San Jose for tech museum of innovation (tech museum san jose).

San Jose Tech Museum California
San Jose Tech Museum in USA