Teotihuacan, Ancient Commercial and Religious Center in the Central Valley of Mexico

Teotihuacan is ancient commercial and religious center in the central valley of Mexico,  Once thought to be the great religious center of the Toltecs, it is now considered the relic of an earlier civilization. Teotihuacan is the largest buildings complex and most impressive urban site of ancient America. The Pyramid of the Sun, the largest in Mexico, this place have 65 m high and covers about 4 hectares at the base, it dominates the symmetrical ground plan laid down in the grid mode along major highways,
including city street avenue of the dead. Other buildings along this axis include the Pyramid of the Moon, the Citadel contains the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, so called because of his sculptures feathered serpents, the Temple of Agriculture and the Palais Quetzalpapalotl.

Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan in Mexico
Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Moon