Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

If you happened to be in Canada, and you nature lovers, I suggest you stop for Terra Nova National Park, national park is located on the northeast coast, the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, this is one of a list of most popular holidays in Newfoundland.

Terra Nova National Park has a varied shoreline park, consisting of rocks that jutted into Bonavista Bay to Glovertown, and what you get is a forest hill, swamps, ponds and wetlands, and others. this park also contains wildlife, such as bald eagle, moon jelly fish, snow crab and more.

Usually the visitors to do some outdoor activities like camping, hiking trips, canoeing, kayaking, and others, you can start from the visitor center at Salton’s Brook. You can also  perform the activities of organized programs, one of which is the theater the night of theme park. Campfire programs, where you can learn more about Newfoundland, and wildlife. And Junior Naturalist Program, also quite popular at the time of Newfoundland Vacations, is intended for children. If you happen to come during the winter, you are also welcome for some winter activities at Terra Nova National Park area. Visiting newfoundland, and get a real adventure outdoors in Terra Nova