Thames River Informations in London

Became the second longest river in London, the River Thames offers a wide array of activities and facilities for visitors in most of the path of the river. There is a tour of the many boat tours offered in to pass this river, from Oxford to Teddington passenger services operate normally during the summer. If you want to get more boating experience, you can rent a boat on the river, either with family, friends or your lover. In addition to conducting river cruises, you can also do other activities around the area of the River Thames, the river is traversed by several small and large bridges, so many of the visitors observe the scenery around by walking and bicycling. In addition, visitors are also offered a variety of entertainment for children and adults, riverside walks, visits to museums, visits to adventure wildlife center and nature reserve, around the Towns on the River Thames and many more. If you want to stay a few days on the Thames, you can find many hotels and B & Bs along the river, or take a unique experience by staying at a campsite on the banks of the river and some hotelboats. For more information, you can visit Image via 1, 2, 3

River Thames bridges
River Thames informations